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Do Different Coloured Smarties Sweets Taste The Same? 

Do different coloured Smarties sweets taste the same? This is a question doing the rounds on many online sweets forums and among sweets lovers all over the world. Smarties originated in the UK and have become an internationally recognised brand thanks to the trademark oblate spheroid shape and the fruity flavours that cover the chocolate inside the Smarties.

People who love a shot of sugar in their bloodstreams every now and then love Smarties as they can just pop them in their mouth. They are small and are available in many flavours and colours. People who have been eating Smarties are at one time or another going to pose the question, do different coloured Smarties sweets taste the same?

Well, the answer to the question do different coloured Smarties sweets taste the same is that all Smarties taste the same regardless of the colour expect for the brown and orange smarties which taste like coffee. Many people presume that the Smartie’s outer crust tastes the same as the fruit of the colour it represents.

This implies that orange colored Smarties should taste like oranges and chocolate colored Smarties like chocolate. The chocolate inside all smarties tastes the same with no artificial flavouring. Smarties are perfect for entertaining guests. If you have guests, placing Smarties in a centerpiece for self-service is not only decorative, it gives a chance for the guests to choose their favourite coloured Smarties.