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UK Sweets v American Candy

There is no way of determining which among these two types of sweets would take the cup if they were to go head-to-head in any UK sweets v American candy fight. Everyone on each side is rooting for the superiority of their sweets and given the fact that there is no measuring scale for the sweetness of sweets and candy, there is no superior and thus in a UK sweets v American candy comparison, there is no winner. None of these two can be said to be the better of the other. Each culture has its own values, with the Britsh being more conservative than the Americans and this shows in their sweets too. There are a lot of similarities as there are differences between these two types of sweets.

The British, being more conservative; have preserved most of their traditional sweets shops with only a few selling their sweets online. There are more retro sweets in British sweets shops than in American sweets shops. There are collections of sweets from decades past; making sweets shopping something for the whole family. Exciting British sweets brands like Bassetts Jelly Babies, sherbet fountain and pontefract cakes make up the retro sweets in Britain. For those who grew up in the 90s and 80s flying saucers, Yorkie bar and the Rowntree’s fruit gum is a treat. This is not forgetting the signature London Bus containing toffees, which is a personal favourite of many.

A typical UK sweets v American candy comparison has a lot of similarities. The Americans have borrowed a lot from the British sweets culture therefore they have a lot of similarities. American candy has a lot less retro and a lot more sweets from the last decades. Wonka brands are some of the highest selling retro brands in America; thanks to the impact of Willy Wonka in the confectionery industry. Chocolate candy is a personal favourite of many Americans along with other kinds of sweets like the flying saucers and the éclairs and toffees.